SVF extracted from adipose tissue is a valuable source of stem cells that, properly treated and applied, can produce a rejuvenating effect.

SVF cells can be used in the aesthetic field just like a filler. Properly applied, they have the ability to activate the natural regenerative and reparative mechanisms of the skin, stimulating the production of new collagen. The result is a younger appearance, achieved by using our own cells (autologous use) and not synthetic molecules.

The liposuction procedure necessary to obtain the adipose tissue from which the SVF is extracted is simple, safe and minimally invasive. If you do not have a plastic surgeon, call our toll-free number; we will be happy to help you and you can choose from a group of experienced surgeons who have been trained and validated by Swiss Stem Cells Biotech.


The effectiveness of anti-aging and regenerative skin treatments which use subcutaneous SVF injections has been proven by both scientific research and clinical practice. Subcutaneous treatments are minimally invasive and almost painless.

Thanks to the innovative method used by SSCB - Swiss Stem Cells Biotech, we can not only isolate the SVF, but also characterize the cells (typology, quantity, vitality) and subject them to the strictest quality controls requested by the control authorities.

The use of stem cells extracted from our own adipose tissue (autologous use) carries no risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

The cells can be used immediately (the whole amount or part of it) or stored for future treatments; this way you will always have at your disposal a source of young cells with better regenerative capacity.